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Film: 50 Jahre IDS

Aus Anlass des 50. Geburtstages des IDS am 19. April 2014 bieten wir Ihnen einen filmischen Einblick in unsere vielfältigen Arbeitsbereiche.

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05. März - 28. Mai 2015: Ausstellung: holopoiesis

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Internationales Kolloquium

08. - 09. Juni 2015, Sprachliche Verfestigung. Chunks, Muster, Phrasem-Konstruktionen, Vortragssaal, IDS Mannheim

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ars grammatica

17. - 19. Juni 2015, Grammatiktheorie und Grammatikographie, Vortragssaal, IDS Mannheim

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30. Juni 2015, 15 Uhr: Prof. Dr. Anna-Maria De Cesare (Universität Basel): Defining Focusing Modifiers in a cross-linguistic perspective

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Jahrestagung 2016

08. - 10. März 2016, 52. Jahrestagung des IDS, Congress Center Rosengarten, Mannheim

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Third International Conference Grammar & Corpora

Mannheim, 22-24 September 2009



The Institute for the German Language is undertaking preliminary work for a comprehensive corpus-based grammar of the German language (project Grammatical Variation within Near-Standard German). This gives occasion for the institute to organise the Third International Conference Grammar & Corpora in cooperation with the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. The conference will cover the following two areas:

  1. recent findings in corpus-based grammar research in German, English, Romance and Slavic languages,
  2. theoretical and methodological issues in corpus-linguistic grammar research.

A look at corpus-based grammar research in German, English or the Romance and Slavic languages shows that not only are there very different theoretical stances in these various traditions but also different empirical focal points of research. The conference organisers feel that this state of affairs should not be seen as an obstacle but as the starting point for fruitful trans-disciplinary discussions. The confrontation of philological traditions, empirical description, theory, computational linguistics and corpus linguistics provides opportunities to further a critical but constructive dialogue.

The issues involved will be the focus of several invited keynote speeches, two sections, and a poster session. The languages of the conference are English and German.


Conference venue:
University of Mannheim
Schloss, Ostflügel
68131 Mannheim

- Auditorium (O 101/10)
- Fuchs-Petrolub-Festsaal (O 138)

Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Vortragssaal
R 5, 6-13
68161 Mannheim

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