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Arnulf DeppermannArnulf DeppermannArnulf DeppermannArnulf DeppermannArnulf DeppermannArnulf Deppermann


Prof. Dr. Arnulf Deppermann

Institut für Deutsche Sprache
R 5, 6-13, Büro 3.09
D-68161 Mannheim

deppermann (at)

Tel.: +49 621 / 1581 – 309
Fax: +49 621 / 1581 – 200

Prof. Dr. phil. Arnulf Deppermann



Areas of Research:

Interactive constitution of meaning, understanding and intersubjectivity in interaction, multimodal interaction, cognition in interaction, spoken German, positioning in narratives, advances in conversation analytic methodology

Recent English Publications:

  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2018): Intersubjectivity and other grounds for action-coordination in an environment of restricted interaction: Coordinating with oncoming traffic when passing an obstacle. In: Language & Communication.
  • Betz, Emma / Deppermann, Arnulf (2018): Indexing priority of position: Eben as response particle in German. In: Research on Language and Social Interaction 51 (2), pp. 171-193.
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2018): Inferential Practices in Social Interaction. A Conversation-Analytic Account. In: Open Linguistics 4 (1), pp. 35-55. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2018): Instruction practices in German driving lessons: Differential uses of declaratives and imperatives. In: International Journal of Applied Linguistics 28 (2), Special Issue on Driving School Interaction, pp. 265-282.
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2018): Editorial: Instructions in Driving Lessons.  In: International Journal of Applied Linguistics 28 (2), Special Issue on Driving School Interaction, S. 221-225.
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2018): Chuck Goodwin's two ground-breaking contributions to the study of social interaction: simultaneities in multimodal interaction and professional vision. In: Favareau, Donald (ed.): Co-operative engagements in intertwined semiosis: essays in honour of Charles Goodwin. (= Tartu semiotics library 19). Tartu: University of Tartu Press, pp. 66-84
  • Zinken, Jörg / Deppermann, Arnulf (2017): A cline of visible commitment in the situated design of imperative turns. Evidence from German and Polish. In Sorjonen, Marja-Leena / Raevaara, Liisa / Couper-Kuhlen, Elizabeth (eds.): Imperative Turns at Talk. The design of directives in action. Amsterdam, NJ: John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 27-63.
  • Helmer, Henrike / Reineke, Silke / Deppermann, Arnulf (2016): A range of uses of negative epistemic constructions in German: ich weiß nicht as a resource for dispreferred actions. In: Journal of Pragmatics 106, pp. 97-114. PDF

  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2016): La définition comme action multimodale pour des enjeux pratiques : définir pour instruire à l'auto-école. In: Langage 204 (4), pp. 83-101.
  • Koplenig, Alexander / Knöbl, Ralf / Deppermann, Arnulf (2016): Methodological Approaches to People's Notions of Spoken Standard German. In: Linguistische Berichte 246, pp. 171-196. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf / Günthner, Susanne (2015): "Introduction: Temporality in interaction". In: Deppermann, Arnulf / Günthner, Susanne (eds.): Temporality in Interaction. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 1-23. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2015): Retrospection and understanding in interaction. In: Deppermann, Arnulf / Günthner, Susanne (eds.): Temporality in Interaction. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 57-94. PDF
  • Arnulf Deppermann (2014): Multimodal participation in simultaneous joint projects: Interpersonal and intrapersonal coordination in paramedic emergency drill. In: Haddington, Pentti, Tiina Keisanen, Lorenza Mondada and Maurice Nevile (eds.): Multiactivity in Social Interaction: Beyond multitasking. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. 247–282. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2014): "Don't get me wrong": Recipient design by reactive and anticipatory uses of negation to constrain an action's interpretation. In: Günthner, Susanne / Imo, Wolfgang / Bücker, Jörg (eds.): Grammar and Dialogism. Sequential, syntactic, and prosodic patterns between emergence and sedimentation. (Linguistik - Impulse & Tendenzen 61). Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter, pp. 15-51. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf / Kleiner, Stefan / Knöbl, Ralf (2013): 'Standard usage': Towards a realistic conception of spoken standard German. In: Auer, Peter/ Reina, Javier Caro/Kaufmann, Göz: Language Variation - European Perspectives IV. Selected papers from the Sixth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 6), Freiburg, June 2011. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins (SILV 14), pp. 83-116. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (ed.) (2013): "Conversation Analytic Studies of Multimodal Interaction." Journal of Pragmatics 46, 1 (Special Issue).
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2013): "Introduction: Multimodal interaction from a conversation analytic perspective." In: Journal of Pragmatics 46, 1, pp. 1-7. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2013): "Turn-design at turn-beginnings: Multimodal resources to deal with tasks of turn-construction in German." In: Journal of Pragmatics 46, 1, pp. 91-121. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2012): Negotiating hearing problems in doctor-patient interaction: Practices and problems of accomplishing shared reality. In: Egbert, Maria / Deppermann, Arnulf (eds.): Hearing Aids Communication. Mannheim: Verlag für Gesprächsforschung, pp. 90-103. PDF
  • Egbert, Maria / Deppermann, Arnulf (2012): Introduction to Conversation Analysis with examples from audiology. In: Egbert, Maria / Deppermann, Arnulf (eds.): Hearing Aids Communication. Integrating Social Interaction, Audiology and User Centered Design to Improve Communication with Hearing Loss and Hearing Technologies, pp. 40-47 - Mannheim: Verlag für Gesprächsforschung. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf / Egbert, Maria (2012): Conclusions and future perspectives for application and innovation. In: Egbert, Maria/Deppermann, Arnulf (Hrsg.): Hearing Aids Communication. Integrating Social Interaction, Audiology and User Centered Design to Improve Communication with Hearing Loss and Hearing Technologies. Mannheim: Verlag für Gesprächsforschung, pp. 159-163. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2012): How does 'cognition' matter to the analysis of talk-in-interaction? In: Language Sciences Vol. 34 (2012), Issue 6, pp. 746-767. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf / Spranz-Fogasy, Thomas (2011): Doctors' questions as displays of understanding. In: Communication & Medicine, Volume 8(2) (2011), pp. 111–124. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2011): Constructions vs. lexical items as sources of complex meanings. A comparative study of constructions with German verstehen. In: Auer, Peter / Pfänder, Stefan (eds.): Constructions. Emerging and Emergent. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, pp. 88-126. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2011): "The study of formulations as a key to an Interactional Semantics." In: Human Studies 34, 2, pp. 115-128. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2011): "Notionalization: The transformation of descriptions into categorizations." In: Human Studies 34, 2, pp. 155-181. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2011): "Pragmatics and Grammar." In: Bublitz, Wolfgang / Norrick, Neil (eds.): Handbook of Pragmatics. Vol. 1: Foundations of Pragmatics. Berlin: de Gruyter, pp. 425-460.
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2010): "Future prospects of research on prosody: The need for publicly available corpora. Comments on Margret Selting 'Prosody in interaction: State of the art'". In: Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar / Reber, Elisabeth /Selting, Margret (eds.): Prosody in interaction. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 41-47. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf / Mondada, Lorenza / Schmitt, Reinhold (2010): Agenda and emergence: contingent and planned activities in a meeting. In: Journal of Pragmatics 42, 6, pp. 1700-1718. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2007): Playing with the voice of the Other: Stylized "Kanaksprak" in conversations among German adolescents. In: Auer, Peter (ed.): Style and social identities - Alternative approaches to linguistic heterogeneity. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter, pp. 325-360. PDF
  • Deppermann, Arnulf (2007): Using the Other for Oneself – Conversational practices of representing out-group-members among adolescents. In: Bamberg, Michael / De Fina, Anna / Schiffrin, Deborah (eds.): Selves and Identities in Narrative and Discourse. Amsterdam: Benjamins, pp. 273-301. PDF

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