Project UWV


The project "Usuelle Wortverbindungen" (roughly translated: "multi-word expressions which are common in usage") is concerned with the study of multi-word expressions, which we think of as conventionalized patterns in language use that manifest themselves in recurrent syntagmatic patterns of words. They are defined by their distinct function in language.

We favor a strongly empirical approach and base our work on corpus data from DeReKo, the largest collection of written German available today, and statistical evidence computed by a sophisticated method of collocation analysis developed by Cyril Belica (Kookkurrenzanalyse).
Corpus-based as well as corpus-driven methods are employed in our work, which focuses on pragmatic aspects and includes lexicographic articles as well as research on the nature of multi-word expressions and their interrelations.

Articles on multi-word expressions and some short studies can be accessed via Wortverbindungen online (in German only).
English papers concerning our research are:

  • Steyer, Kathrin (2015): Patterns. Phraseology in a state of flux. In: Dobrovol'skij, D. (ed.) Phraseology and Dictionaries (Special issue). International Journal of  Lexicography 28 (3): S. 279-298
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  • Brunner, Annelen/Steyer, Kathrin (2010): Wortverbindungsfelder: Fields of Multi-Word Expressions. In: Sylviane Granger, Magali Paquot (ed.): eLexicography in the 21st century : New challenges, new applications. Proceedings of eLex 2009, Louvain-la-Neuve, 22-24 October 2009. Presses universitaires de Louvain (Cahiers du CENTAL), p. 23-31
  • Brunner Annelen/Steyer, Kathrin: A Model for Corpus-Driven Exploration and Presentation of Multi-Word Expressions. In: Jana Levická, Radovan Garabík (Hg.): NLP, Corpus Linguistics, Corpus Based Grammar Research (= Proceedings of SLOVKO 2009, held 25-27.11.2009 in Smolenice, Slovakia), S. 54-64. (pdf)
  • Brunner, Annelen/Steyer, Kathrin: Corpus-driven study of multi-word expressions based on collocation profiles from a very large corpus. Paper zu Corpus Linguistics 2007, Forth Corpus Linguisitics conference, held 27.-30. 7. 2007 at the University of Birmingham. (pdf)

A complete list of our publications can be found under Publikationen.